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Shunji serves authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi. About Shunji

Chef Shunji was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo and raised in Yokohama. He has always been obsessed with the world of cooking ever since his childhood, which he made very clear through his elementary school essay "My Future Dream Job Is To Be A Chef".

After graduation from high school, Chef Shunji moved to the US in 1984, where he met Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and his life was changed dramatically thereafter. Both Chef Shunji and his elder brother Tetsuya were selected to work for restaurant "Matsuhisa" in Beverly Hills as its first staff members. Chef Shunji acquired extensive cooking experience during his days at "Matsuhisa".

In 1991, the brothers jointly opened restaurant "Asanebo" in Studio City. About ten years later, Chef Shunji left "Asanebo" and started working as the executive chef at Japanese restaurant "Hump" in Santa Monica Airport. He was also involved in establishing and running restaurants both in Los Angeles and Tokyo, in pursuit of spreading the culture of Japanese cuisine worldwide.

Finding success as a Japanese cuisine chef, Chef Shunji decided to take the leap and launched his own restaurant "Shunji Japanese Cuisine" in West LA in 2012. Restaurant "Shunji" has been featured in various media as one of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, US and even the world, enjoying the limelight since its grand opening.
In the barely seasonal city of Los Angeles, Chef Shunji is dedicated to making his customers feel the change of seasons through his food as much as possible. Featuring chef's great attention to every detail, restaurant "Shunji" is the destination for the tradition of Japanese hospitality and the ultimate Japanese cuisine.

高校卒業後、1984年渡米。渡米後すぐにNobu Matsuhisas氏と出会い、兄の哲也氏と共にビバリーヒルズのレストラン "Matsuhisa" 初代オープニングスタッフとして携わりその腕を磨いて行く。
1991年、中尾兄弟はStudio CityにAsaneboをオープン。およそ10年に渡る兄弟経営を卒業した俊二はその後、サンタモニカ空港の和食レストラン"Hump" のヘッドシェフとして腕を振るい、またロサンゼルスだけでなく東京も含め様々なレストランの立ち上げ、運営にも携わり、日本食の浸透に全力を注いだ。

そして満を持して、2012年West LAに自身の店、"Shunji Japanese Cuisine" をオープン。開店後すぐから様々なメディアでベストニューレストランに選ばれ、それ以降も、ロサンゼルストップレストランを初め、全米トップレストラン、全世界のトップレストラン等に選ばれ続けている。


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Shunji Nakao